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Wellicy CBD Hemp Oil Tincture - Chocolate Mint (500mg)

  • Are you looking for a tasty yet extremely effective full spectrum CBD product to help provide some relief?


    Then you are going to love the Chocolate Mint flavored Wellicy CBD Hemp & MCT Oil Tincture!


    Unlike the Wellicy CBD Oil line that is made with CBD isolate and vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, the Wellicy Full Spectrum CBD oil tinctures leverage organic MCT oil.


    The reason for using MCT oil in our full spectrum CBD oil tinctures is simply because of its bioavailability enhancing benefits. Which without getting all scientific on you simply means the amount of CBD and other cannabinoids your body absorbs and can use after going through internal bodily processes.


    These benefits are only further enhanced with the use of sublingual delivery (under your tongue), as this allows the premier full spectrum CBD oil to soak directly into your system.

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