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Wellicy Grape CBD Oil (1000mg)

  • Do you have an unforgiving craving for the juicy flavor of grapes? There's no need to carry around a bag of grapes wherever you go just to satisfy the demands of your taste buds.


    Instead, the Wellicy Grape CBD Oil allows you to satisfy your grape cravings on the go, at home, or at work by dropping under your tongue or with a simple hit of your vape device!


    The Wellicy team of mixologist made hundreds of formulations to bring you the perfectly crafted formulation that will deliver the best tasting grape flavored CBD oil you've ever tried.


    Take a pull of your vape device and your taste buds will be astonished with refreshing flavor of juicy grapes. Emulating the exact flavor of real grapes, meaning you will feel as if you just indulged in a handful of freshly harvested grapes!


    Or if vaping isn't your style, you can also use the Wellicy Grape CBD Oil sublingually as a tincture.


    Plus, with the Wellicy Grape CBD Oil you will also receive the incredible benefits of 100% natural CBD hemp oil that has full traceability from beginning to end.

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